I’m a Japanese national married to a Polish-Australian partner, Marcin. We’ve been together for 13 years and living on the outskirt of Tokyo since 2014. Here at 50 Year Diary, I’m blogging about things we do as a multicultural couple.

Why am I doing this? Well, I suppose the right thing to say is probably like “I want to help my readers learn about our countries (i.e. Japan, Australia and Poland) or multiracial marriage” All this is very important, of course, but not the reason I’m blogging.

I’m turning 50 in April 2019. In Japan, my generation is expected to live up to around 100 years. Japan to date has the largest number of centurions per capita in the world, and I am keen to join Club Centenarian. Until that day comes, I want to keep a record of the second half of my life, with my now 46-year-old husband.

So this blog is my ‘personal’ diary, which is open to public.

I’m blogging everyday things we do to make our lives fun, healthy and meaningful in Japan. For example, you can expect to read things like the following:

  • Reviews of local shops and restaurants
  • Traveling in Japan and overseas
  • Cooking easy and healthy Japanese food, and
  • Earning loyalty points and airline mileage to get necessities and travel for free

I hope 50 Year Diary will be a fun read for you as much as it is for me.