Marcin wakes up earlier than I do. Much earlier, like, sometimes by a good few hours. He starts his morning by doing the dirty dishes in the kitchen while making a pot of coffee with our 5-year-old Melitta coffee maker. He is a wonderful husband, but, there is a tiny problem.

By the time I open my eyes and gets to the coffee pot, coffee is lukewarm. This is because he switches off Melitta as soon as coffee is ready. I’ve never complained about it because it’s entirely my fault.

He developed this habit after I left the empty jar on and had it burnt several times. Melitta survived each incident, but Marcin’s confidence in me didn’t. Actually I don’t mind lukewarm coffee in the morning, because UCC Gold Special Blend, of which Marcin is a loyal customer, is still good even when it’s lukewarm.

Apparently Japanese coffee is pretty good, gaining popularity even overseas. I still think Japanese coffee can’t be as good as Italian or Brazilian coffee, but he says:

if you know anything about what Japanese did with whisky, you realise that soon Japanese coffee will be considered as world’s best.

Sometimes I think Marcin has more confidence in Japan than I do. When he talks to his friends on Skype, he constantly brags about everything Japanese, from food, drinks, restaurants, hotels, public transport to Japanese health system.

Out of my 49 years, I’ve lived 20 years in Australia and three years in Thailand. So I do appreciate what Japan has to offer. But, I admit that often take this country and its produce for granted.

Living with him, I’m reminded of little things everyday. His dedication to UCC Gold Special Blend and his belief in Japanese coffee maybe trivial, and perhaps just an everyday habit, and yet one of many little things I love about him. So I’m okay with lukewarm UCC every morning.